Sony Wavehawk

Have you ever been on location with your wireless mic setup and gotten stepped on by a nearby frequency transmission? Of course you have. If you have frequency agile wireless, you sometimes have to try many different frequencies before you find a clear channel. The WaveHawk is an inexpensive way to find out if there is any local RF transmission near your location shoot.

To start with, the WaveHawk will scan a frequency range of 25 MHz to 1300MHz, covering both VHF and UHF bands. There are a variety scanning options band scanning, programmable scanning, memory scanning, and intelligent memory scanning. If you have a Quad Box wireless setup you can program the WaveHawk to scan the bandwidth of your Quad Box. If there is an RF transmission in the area, the WaveHawk will lock onto it and display the frequency.

The WaveHawk has a 300-channel memory so that you can store stations of your choice. An internal EEPROM retains stored information without backup batteries. There is also a Priority Scanning function that checks every five seconds if there is reception in a priority frequency you have designated. The Skip Function skips frequencies you have designated during a scan.

To top it off, the Wavehawk also comes with a CD-ROM so that you can control the scanner from a PC. Your PC will support all major functions of the receiver plus expanded data handling capability 20 programmable scanning ranges, as many memory preference files as you want (300 channels per file), as many skip preferences as you want (100 frequencies per file). There is also Import/Export capability. Read data from the receiver to save as a file. Write data of a file of your choice in the receiver. With the software you can search frequencies using the CD-ROM nationwide frequency database with over 3 million records. Preset the database search results in the preset memory and use it to scan or tune.

For the sound mixer using wireless, this is an invaluable tool. Its a chance to find RF interference and know what you are dealing with in a specific area before the camera rolls.

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